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Magnetic Lightning Cable

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Our Magnetic Lightning Cable is specially designed to keep your cable from ever breaking! 

Our cable is made of ultra strong double braided nylon that will never fray or fall apart. It's strong enough to take any wear and tear and is tangle-proof. 

The cable has a 2.4a current which will charge your device faster, saving you valuable time and it does so without damaging your device's battery. 

The Magnetic plug design makes it impossible for your cable to fray or break. If your cable is being yanked on the cable will simply disconnect from the Magnetic plug.

Plus, we offer cables that are compatible with any device (Apple, Type C or Micro USB). 

Upgrade to our Magnetic Charging Cable today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from owning quality, reliable products. 

Grab yours today and get 50% OFF while our supplies last! 


  • UNBREAKABLE CORD LASTS A LIFETIME - Our double braided nylon cable prevents wear, breakage & fraying.
  • CHARGE YOUR PHONE FASTER - The 2.4A current charges your phone faster than normal chargers without damaging your battery. 
  • MAGNETIC ANGLE IS A BETTER DESIGN - The magnetic plug ensures your cable will never fray or break. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL DEVICES - Choose from our iPhone, Type C or Micro USB cables to match any device. 


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